I’m new to the blogosphere. So new, in fact, that until yesterday I could have cared less about Technorati. I’ve decided to publish my learning process so that other people who are thinking about blogging for (high levels of) traffic can learn along with me.

My blog is powered by WordPress 2.3.

Most of my posts have been written with the Firefox plugin: ScribeFire.

Until blogging, Filezilla was my ftp application of choice. Now I rely on a Firefox plugin for ftp’ing as well: FireFTP.

As I said in a previous entry, the WordPress theme that I use is Rapid Access – built from the ground up for speed, ease of use, and no php-bloat.

I have three active plugins: Akismet for handling comment spam, bbPress Integration to synchronize my bbPress forum with my WordPress blog, and SEO Title Tag because I’m a SEO whore.

The links to digg, del.icio.us, and facebook are generated by a FeedFlare script – however, it only seems to be working half of the time and I have been unable to receive any support from the FeedBurner staff.

I’ve found several cool sites that I think I’ll be able to learn from: Lorelle on WordPress, BloggingPro, and blogHelper.

Finally, the philosophy I employ when doing anything with my blog is SIMPLIFY SIMPLIFY SIMPLIFY!

When I learn more, so can you.