There will always be those people who pay a boatload of money for something that most people could give a rat’s ass about. In this case, we’re talking about rare video game collectors. These people honestly do not care about the gameplay or the price of these games; they care about owning them.

Gamesniped compiled a list of 10 rare games that are valuable to collectors:

  • Blockbuster World Video Game Championships II for Sega Genesis – Estimated Price is $2,000. Less than five copies have been confirmed to exist. The cart was used for Blockbuster’s 1995 Video Game Championship.
  • Ultima: Escape from Mt. Drash for PC – Estimated Price is $2,500. It is one of the highest priced PC games. The game consists of simple 3d randomly generated dungeons. The game was released on a cassette tape.
  • Air Raid for Atari 2600 – Estimated Price is $3,000. No more than five copies have been found
  • Mr. Boston for the Vectrex – Estimated Price is $3,000. The game was released by the liquor company Mr. Boston and only three copies are known to exist.
  • Nintendo World Championships for the NES – Estimated Price is $5,000. Played by many as part of the contest to determine Nintendo World Champions of various age groups, only 90 copies were ever produced. Games used on the cartridge include Super Mario Brothers, Rad Racer, and Tetris.
  • Kizuna Encounter for PAL Neo Geo – Estimated Price is $10,000. A tag-battle fighting game from SNK, there are only 5 confirmed copies in existance.
  • Nintendo Campus Challenge for Super Nintendo – Estimated Price is $10,000. Used for a contest Nintendo held at various universities in the United States and Europe, the card included F-Zero, Pilotwings, and Super Mario World. There are only two copies known to exist.
  • Nintendo Campus Challenge for the NES – Estimated Price is $10,000. Another competition game that included parts of Super Mario Brothers 3, Dr. Mario, and Pinbot. There is only one known copy out there.
  • Nintendo Powerfest 94 for Super Nintendo – Estimated Price is $10,000. Another contest cart. This one included parts of Super Mario Brothers: The Lost Levels, Super Mario Kart, and Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball.
  • 1990 Nintendo World Championships: Gold Edition for the NES – Estimated Price is $10,000. Only 26 copies were ever produced of this gold edition of the Nintendo World Championships cart.

For further information, check out the article from gamesniped.