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In no particular order, what follows are 14 of the best Twitter tools and resources on the web!

Just Tweet It – service described as providing Twitter users the ability to “find other Twitter users like you!” Just Tweet It is a “Tweeter Directory” and allows you to add yourself to directories based upon interests that consist of groups of like-minded Twitter users.  In addition, you can list yourself into relevant directories so that people will be able to discover you!

Mr. Tweet – service described as “your personal networking assistant/agent [that] helps you expand your network easily.”  Mr. Tweet aims to provide this service in 3 ways: by getting you relevant followers, helping you discover great people relevant to your current needs, and improve your Twitter usage via useful statistics.  To start, you simply follow @MrTweet

Twitturly – service “for tracking what URLs people are talking about as they talk about them on Twitter”.  Twitturly lists the top links as well as the active tweets that posted the link and is a good tool for discovering what is hot on Twitter.

Favrd – a service that displays the recent highly favorited Tweets.  It lists the tweet that has been favorited as well as a look into the Twitter users who chose to favorite the tweet.

Tweet Later – “productivity tools for busy Tweeple”, Tweet Later allows you to set up alerts and track keywords in the public Twitter stream, schedule tweets, send automatic thank you notes, manage multiple Twitter accounts and more.

TweetSum -  a tool aimed to help you investigate potential connections.  When somebody new follows you, you can use TweetSum’s tools help you decide whether this person is somebody you should follow back or not.

Twellow – “a service to help Twitter users find people to follow.  Twellow categorizes and organizes Twitter into hundreds of niches to make your searching easier.”  Twellow is a search engine for searching Twitter bios, names, and locations.

Twitterholic – a service that provides Top Twitter user rankings and stats.  More than anything, this service is amusing and provides you with interesting data.

TwitPic – a tool that “lets you share photos on Twitter”.  It is heavily used and many Twitter clients have built-in support for it already.

– “archiving the best Twitter apps”.  A useful service for those Twitter users looking for new and/or unique Twitter applications.

Twittown – an alternative to, and perhaps better than, TwappsTwittown is “The Apps and Widgets Community and Forums” and serves as a great resource for discovering new Twitter Apps and Widgets.

Less Friends
– simply put, a tool that provides an answer to the question: “Do the people you follow on Twitter, follow you?”  This tool can be very useful for making sure you do not accumulate to many people on your Following list.  An alternative to less friends is FriendsOrFollow.com

– a service that is “particularly useful for keeping up on the real-time activities associated with a live event”.  Twemes follows tweets that have embedded tags that start with a hashtag (#).

Top Twitter Clients from TwitStat – Provides live data on the top Twitter clients being used to manage Twitter accounts.  Very useful tool for discovering powerful Twitter clients.