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OiNK.cd Admin Arrested

As if taking down TV-Links and arresting the site’s owner was not enough, British police are at it again. This time they have arrested a 24-year-old server admin and brought OiNK.cd down. They also raided the admin’s employer and the home of his father. Damn.

Levi-Prodi Law: Italian Bloggers STFU

Italian bloggers and web site designers are going to have to deal with new regulations. Ricardo Levi, the undersecretary to the President of the Council, has worked up a law to shut the Internet up. Approved on October 12 after unanimous agreement, the Levi-Prodi law requires that anyone with a blog or a website must register it with the ROC, pay a tax, and produce certificates even if they have no intention of making money. Sounds like some real bullshit as having the ability to quickly start blogging is an important reason blogging is so powerful.

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News the Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want you to Hear

Democratic Senator Harry Reid sent a letter to Clear Channel’s CEO arguing that radio talkshow host Rush Limbaugh should not be on the air. Reid, along with his Media Matter goons, presented a very unconvincing argument that Rush is anti-troops. And then Rush got the letter.

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Breast Cancer is no Laughing Matter

But, according to Save 2nd Base, you can fight it with humor. The site’s owners lost their “sister and friend Kelly Rooney to breast cancer.” Now they are fighting breast cancer with t-shirts featuring strategically placed baseballs that are sure to grab people’s attention. 50% of all profits benefit the Kelly Rooney Foundation – wait, only 50%?

Principal under fire for calling student ‘Spleen Boy’

State Island middle school principal Linda Hill is being blasted as “insensitive” after referring to a teen who was injured in a textbook-tossing incident as, simply, “spleen boy”. Chaz Carvalho’s spleen burst after his classmates pelted him with flying hardcover textbooks. And yes – this is filed under humor.

Colbert is Running for President

Colbert has made it official. On tonight’s Colbert Report, he announced he would be running as South Carolina’s favorite son. If this holds true – screw Paul. Vote Colbert!

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AOL Axes 2,000 Employees, I Smile

Who remembers the good old days of AOL? When AOL was on version 2.5 and punting was making online hell for AOL subscribers? When private room “warez” was anything but banned? I do. I remember AOHell and the determination of many to bring AOL down. Today, I am proud to announce that AOL has been forced to axe 2,000 jobs.

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